Steel Building Buyer's Guide

How do I avoid unexpected costs?

Make sure to understand the process required to complete your building project. Typically purchasing the building is only a fraction of the overall project. You will also need to prepare a permit application, construct a foundation, erect the building, and have an engineer design the foundation and provide a final field review.
Ask your builder if they can provide these services if you require them. It can save you time, energy, and resources to work with a qualified and experienced team as opposed to sourcing multiple suppliers, contractors, and engineers on your own.

What should I watch out for?

A tactic used by some companies is to offer a clearance building or a canceled order at a substantial “discount” requiring a decision and a deposit to be made immediately. Less than 1% of steel building orders are cancelled and each package is designed and manufactured with a number of considerations taken into account such as local snow, rain, wind, and seismic loads, building usage, exposure conditions, and human occupancy.

How do I make sure that I will receive a complete building package that is best suited for my needs?

Make sure that your builder asks a lot of questions to completely understand your building’s usage and requirements, and most importantly, YOUR needs. Some topics to discuss may include building specifics such as size, usage, and location, as well as any required services such as permit application, construction, foundation design, and engineer site inspections.

How do I know I am working with a reputable company?

Ask your builder about their history, experience, and if they have references in your area that you could talk to. Ask for a written warranty.

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